Principle Calls For Economics With Justice At The UN

Ian Mason, Principal of the School of Economic Science, speaking as a panellist at an interactive dialogue on Harmony with Nature at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on Monday 22 April 2013, cited justice in economic progress, and recognition of a duty of care for Nature and for land, as essential measures to developing a more natural way of living for all people, everywhere.

The dialogue, in commemoration of International Mother Earth Day, was opened by the President of the General Assembly. This was followed by a short presentation by the Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, and the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Bolivia. The four panellists, including the Principal of the School, then each gave 15 minute presentations before the subject was opened for wider discussion.

Click for the full text of Ian’s address, a video of the event (the School’s presentation starts with an introduction at 51:11) and an abbreviated version of the entire proceedings in text form. For more on Harmony in Nature go to

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